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MUST HAVE Editor's Choice Award! (Gold)

Our Editor's Choice Award (Gold) is reserved for products which are undoubtedly the best in their category - they have barely any flaws and cons, offer top notch performance, quality, features and the whole kitchen sink! If recommended our Editor's Choice, it more than likely means we use it!

MUST HAVE Recommended Award! (Silver)

Our Recommended Award (Silver) is awarded to companies who produce a product or service that exhibits impressively in all rated areas. Not quite good enough to take out the stop spot of our Editor's Choice award, but they were still awarded a very prestigious prize for their efforts.

MUST HAVE Best Quality Award!

Our Best Quality Award is awarded to companies who produce a product or service that exhibits brilliant all-round quality.

MUST HAVE Best Features Award!

Our Best Features Award is awarded to companies who produce a product or service which is great in terms of features that stand very far out from the competition. It may be the addition of super silent cooling, for instance. It's got that something extra going for it!

MUST HAVE Best Overclocking Award!

Our Best Overclocking Award is awarded only to products which are at the top of their class when it comes to overclockability. We're talking about super high attainable FSB results or processor operating clock speeds - it's only a product the real hard-core enthusiast would pick!

MUST HAVE Best Performance Award!

Our Best Performance Award is reserved only for products which offer the best in class performance of its kind. It's a product that will help you break 3DMark records and have your friends envying you fiercely at your local LAN party like never before!

MUST HAVE Best Value Award!

Our Best Value Award is awarded to companies who managed to produce a product which offers incredible levels of value for money based on the street price and RRP. It may not have all the thrills as the ultra-high-end version, but offers a lot in consideration of the asking price!

MUST HAVE Recommended Game!

Our Recommended Game is awarded to games we review which totally impress us in many different aspects. If a game gets this gaming award, we play it and like it a lot.

MUST HAVE Recommended Movie!

Our Recommended Movie is awarded to only the best movies we review which are both must watch and must own.

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